The currency of the data economy

The $TFI Truflation token will power an influx of unbiased, real-world, financial and economic data on-chain.



A Revolutionary DataDAO

Truflation’s future is a pioneering DataDAO utilizing an innovative optimistic oracle solution. Leveraging the power of TFI tokens, it fosters an inclusive data economy where stakeholders actively shape the project's future.

Decentralized and Trustworthy Data Ecosystem

Our ecosystem involves multiple stakeholder roles: data providers, node operators, and users. Data providers stake TFI tokens, ensuring they're motivated to deliver high-quality, accurate data.


Flexible Data Subscription and Active Governance

Through our active governance model, TFI token holders can participate in key protocol decisions and earn rewards for their contribution, establishing a democratically managed data platform.

Truflation Dashboard

Powering this flow of data is the Truflation token